enforces TOS unfairly.

If you are a big customer then you are able to elude their TOS enforcement team. does not allow internet tobacco sales, right?

You agree that You will not at any time conduct Your business in any manner that directly or indirectly offers, sells, leases, licenses or displays, delivers, advertises, recommends, or promotes any product(s), service(s), data, information, image(s), text and/or any content which:

1. is unlawful or violates any applicable local, state, federal, national or international law, statute, ordinance, or regulation including, without limitation, Credit Card Association rules, consumer protection law, Internet tobacco sales, firearm sales, unfair competition, antidiscrimination or false advertising.

How are there are a ton of companies online selling tobacco using when its against their TOS. I'm wondering what CEO is getting a kickback from these companies, or perhaps free smokes. I asked in March about it and yet all the companies in question are still using for internet tobacco.

Here are just a few examples:

Note the seal on the page and when clicked it shows they are approved to sell tobacco on the internet...against their TOS. [purplex]
George | | | 13 Jun 2010 @ 17:08
They are crooks need I say more cost me close to 200 bucks to find that out so be warned.
Lorry Middleton | | 19 Nov 2010 @ 11:30
Unbelievable how well-written and ifnortmaive this was.
Philly | | | 7 Jan 2012 @ 08:47
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